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As parents, carers, grandparents, friends etc, we know that trying to find out if something your young person has just done counts towards a badge, and if so, which badge, can be a nightmare. This website aims to make your life a little easier. Please note that badge requirements do change from time to time, so please let us know if you spot any errors, or indeed, have any general feedback and help - we're all here to try to make our lives a little easier!

You will be asked to select your country (at the moment this site is UK specific, but in the future...who knows...) and then select the applicable section i.e. Beavers, Cubs etc. Start typing what your young person has done eg. "Baked a cake" - from this, the site should hopefully be able to help you determine which badge(s) this could have counted towards.

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Please do get in touch if you have any ideas for how this site can be improved - it's very much a work in progress and will hopefully go from strength to strength!